The UBO Annual 2020

The University of the Bleeding Obvious Annual 2022

100 pages of glorious nonsense.

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Two extremely stupid full-length novels and a collection of moderately stupid short stories.

Goldilocks and the Freebears Death Doom and Disaster Stupid Stories

And the exclusive Private Bits, containing material you won't find anywhere else.

Private Bits



The wonderful world of cheese
Learn the international language or motoring.
The only beauty product that will send your skin back in time.
New Recruitment Initiatives in UK policing
Skydiving holidays with a difference
Earth will be nothing more than a huge pie hanging in space.
Malevolent operating system
'Help for your drooping rose, sagging hydrangea or bent tulip'
I've always thought that the best way of staying alive is 'not to die'.
Classic Kids' TV from the '70s


Teaching Carrots to FlyTeaching Carrots to FlyStandard British NunsExtreme Dinosaurs


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