The Sandwich: #182

The Sandwich


I am still working in this supermarket in an alternative dimension/Totnes. I really ought to be thinking about getting back to my own dimension and resuming my quest for my sandwich, but I've just been given a promotion! You see, we have a new manager. The old one was sacked because he was caught fiddling the accounts. Or diddling in the depot. Or widdling in the salad bar, or something like that. Whatever. The point is that we've got this new bloke called Gavin who is about twelve years old and is dynamic and ambitious and full of good ideas. That is why he has decided to change everything for no good reason.

Martha Spanners, who I work with, says that this sort of thing happens all the time. She says that every six weeks they get a new manager, that they are always called Gavin, even when they are a lady, and that they always change things around for no good reason. Gradually everything goes back to the way it was and the manager is sacked because they are rubbish, or untrustworthy, or criminally insane. Then they get a new Gavin in and the whole process starts again.

This new guy has changed everyone's jobs, so now I work on the checkouts, the man from the meat counter is the new security guard, my friend Martha Spanners works in human resources and Dopey Keith who collects the trolleys in the car park is now the head of purchasing.



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