The Sandwich: #49

The Sandwich


I've had a long conversation with the elephant, and we have discussed the pros and cons of turning it into burgers, and it remains dead set against the idea. Personally, I think that it is being a little short-sighted. Being turned into burgers is a great career move for a thrusting young executive elephant, but Jumbo doesn't really see it that way. I shouldn't really call him that, of course. He tells me that calling all elephants 'Jumbo' is discriminatory and that his real name is Trevor. It's odd, because I don't really see him as a 'Trevor', but there you are.

Anyhow, one has to respect his wishes, and so I have reluctantly agreed not to turn him into burgers. So now I have spent a case full of money on an elephant that is of no financial benefit to me, and the gurgley bubbles in the pit of my stomach tell me that my business partner, Boffo the Clown, is going to be very cross about all of this.

However, Trevor has had an idea. He says that it would be good if our burger restaurant stopped selling elephant burgers and started serving vegetarians. I did a joke then and said that it was no good because you can't make burgers out of vegetarians, and I laughed and laughed and laughed until bubbles came out of my nose and I nearly choked. Trevor didn't seem to think it was all that funny, but he waited until I stopped laughing before he told me that he was an amateur chef with a few interesting recipes and was keen to try something exotic with asparagus. He said he would be happy to come and work for us, so I agreed that we had a deal, and I shook his trunk and we went back to the restaurant. On foot, just in case you were wondering.



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