Single Yellow Line Painter Sees Promotion

Line painting

After a career spanning fifty years, professional road marker Lionel Dawber has finally been promoted to painting double yellow lines. "I've spent most of my working life painting single yellow lines, so this is a real honour," said Mr Dawber. "Now that I'm on the double yellows it's twice the responsibility and twice the job satisfaction."

Unfortunately the promotion doesn't also mean twice the pay, but Mr Dawber is not disheartened. After all, the council has given him a new brush and he's delighted that his skill and expertise have finally been recognised after all this time.

"People think that my job is all about painting straight lines," Mr Dawber told us. "But they couldn't be more wrong. Sometimes I have to go around corners as well, and that's the tricky bit, see. The knack is you need to know when to paint the lines straight and when to paint 'em bent. And that's where my years of experience come in."

Mr Dawber retires next month.


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