30 April 2023

Commemorative Gas!

Commemorative Hellium


29 April 2023

Commemorative Cabbage!

Commemorative Cabbage


28 April 2023

Commemorative Chicken!

Commemorative Chicken


27 April 2023

Commemorative Space Hopper

Commemorative Space Hopper


27 April 2023

Commemorative Socket Set!

Commemorative Socket Set


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Archive 1

February 2001
- July 2003

Vicars on the Job

"Doing the Lord's work..."

Digital Vicars

"How vicars communicate with each other over distance..."


"Was North America once home to an advanced society..."

Extreme Dinosaurs

"Actual evidence that they were into hang-gliding..."




Ladder Ordeal

"Their ordeal began partway through a two-day course..."

Zebra Scanner

"A barcode scanner that can read zebras..."

The Reluctant Pianist

"One of the most controversial musicians of recent years..."

A Real Scoop

"Breaking news: Frog stuck in drain..."


Archeologists Dig Up Roman Hole

Discovery follows six month dig.

Climbing the Orinoco

Bid to be the first to scale the river.

The Cake Escape

Power tools hidden in confectionery.

Man Picks Fight with Pacific Ocean

Mr Omelette charged with assaulting Pacific Ocean.

Sitting Down

A boon to the chair industry


Simon Cocksure has replaced his wiring with sausages

  Today on the Dog Exchange

Labradors are performing well

Old Clothes

Out of date clobber


Privileged debt

New Improved Bullshit

I wouldn't settle for anything less

Arty Tomatoes
Professional Scarer
Kicking and Screaming

Prologue: Peanuts

You Don't Have to be Mad to Work Here...

Machiavelli Management Solutions

The Bleeding Obvious

Exploding Dogs

Baby's First Swear

Scrufty's Magic Juju Shop


Empire of the Flowers


Mrs Wilberforce and the River

Epilogue: Persons Unknown

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The History of Rock
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