Struggling with credit cards, overdrafts and loan repayments? You are? Want to be debt free within weeks? Good. You could be exactly the sort of charlie we've been looking for.


Life can be difficult in our fast-paced consumer society. Keeping up with the most fashionable top-notch swanky gear and shiny new electronic gadgetry is a full time job in itself, but how can you be expected to pay for it all? It's just not fair! This is when unscrupulous banks and loan companies take advantage, by lending you implausibly large quantities of cash.

It sounds like an attractive proposition at first. After all, that extra money will buy you that new games console that you need. But wait, there's a catch! Many of these companies require you to pay the money back, often with interest. Just listen to some of these horror stories:

Darren Slough borrowed money so that he could fit neon strip lights beneath his Ford Fiesta and treat his girlfriend to a romantic day out at Chessington World of Adventures. But he found that it wasn't quite a simple as he expected.

"Yeah man, this guy in a suit counts a wad of twenties into my hand, init, and I stroll out of there loaded, and it's sweet. Then a few weeks later they start saying 'you got to give us our money back' and all that. And I'm all like, make up your mind, blood, cos this ain't right, is it? They shouldn't be allowed to do that. I mean they can't just, like, start asking for it back once they've give it to you, can they?"

Darren Marlow needed money for new trainers, a vicious dog and trampoline lessons. But he was shocked to subsequently find himself facing demands for repayment.

"These letters come saying I owe this money. Well so what? I haven't got the money any more. I spent it, that's what money's for. So tough. Anyway, the letters keep coming, and I just ignore them. Don't even open them. Next fing I know, there's these two blokes hammering on the door and saying as how they're bailiffs, or summat. And they say they're gonna come back, and they're gonna take my telly. Well they haven't come back yet, but if they do, and they try to take my telly, I'll have the police on them."

Darreena Maidstone borrowed money to buy a new nose ring and have her arse tattooed. Now she's being hounded by debt collectors.

"This is just well unfair, y'know. Nobody said anyfink about paying the money back. It is like heinous, y'know. They shouldn't give it you in the first place if they're just gonna want it back. Well, I ain't payin' it. I just ain't."

Familiar stories? Well fear not, because we at Scumm Credit Solutions are here to help.

Remember, it's not your fault.

Lenders have an obligation to lend money responsibly, and not give it to people who are just going to fritter it away by buying stuff. If you're the kind of person who buys stuff with other people's money and doesn't want to pay the money back, then we are able to use little known government legislation to get the debt cancelled. And the really good news is that we can offer this service for as little as £500.

Yes that's right, as little as £600!

Isn't it worth investing as little as £700 to get yourself debt free? Exactly! You can't lose, because even if you have to borrow the money to pay our fee, we will ensure that you never have to pay it back. Get in!

Scumm Credit Services

Registered office: No Comebacks House,
Pontious Pilate Terrace, Cloud Cuckoo Land.


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