Pull Yourself Together You Big Jessie
Pull Yourself Together, You Big Jessie!

Feeling low, depressed, sluggish? Has life lost its sparkle? Is each and every day just another cycle of disappointment, thinly veiled antagonism and petty recriminations? Has your whole life been a constant, waning battle against the crushing, soul destroying, energy sapping drudgery of existence?

I know mine has.

Hi, I'm Paul Farnsworth, and I was wallowing in a pit of my own misery and looking forward to oblivion until I discovered Dr Adolphous Bongo's great new book, Pull Yourself Together, You Big Jessie! Unlike other self-help guides, Pull Yourself Together, You Big Jessie! does not pander to the individual's feelings of self-pity. Dr Bongo's message is concise, and pulls no punches. Utilising his patented new 'slap therapy' he helps the patient realise that the universe is a bitch, life is hell and you may as well just keep your head down and get on with it.

I can honestly say that this book has changed my life. I'm still as depressed, miserable and wretched as before, but these days I have no sympathy for myself.

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