Arse Bandits

Arse Bandits

With a forward by Chief Inspector Derek 'Bullwhip' Sweeney

"Evenin' all

"Not many people realise that the criminal bottom is not like those wot normal people like you an me 'ave. Ho no! The criminal bottom is shifty, devious, two-faced and entirely untrustworthy, and the chaps of the Forensic Bottom Team can spot a wrong 'un a mile off. Now, I know a lot of the fellers back at the station think that the Bottom boys are a bit weird. And, to be fair, they're right - but when you spend the greater part of your day hanging around some of the villainous jacksies that they have to deal with, you'd turn out pretty strange yourself. Nevertheless, their contribution to police work is invaliable invoulb good, and it's high time they got the exposure they so richly deserve.


Bullwhip Sweeney
Grasmere 1843

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